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This blog is dedicated to Nancy, who gets it.

Cybill Shepherd

The big thing about the film At Long Last Love is that, instead of the actors lip-syncing to previously recorded singing tracks, director Peter Bogdanovich had the actors SING LIVE, wearing earpieces guiding them with a piano accompaniment (as Tom Hooper recently perfected in Les Miserables). It was much much much maligned when it was released and has been since called one of the worst movies of all time.

But there is a light. The burgeoning cinemaphiles of today are looking at At Long Last Love with a new appreciation for its experimental nature. Bogdanovich also shot the film in color, but using black & white costumes and sets as a nod to the films of Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. I show this movie to friends to see how they'll react, and they always genuinely enjoy it.

At Long Last Love is a double LP soundtrack. (There's a lot of singing.) Which song to best showcase Cybill Shepherd? I chose "Which" over "I Get A Kick Out Of You" since "Which" is a relatively obscure Cole Porter song as opposed to one of the most over-sung songs of all time. "Which" is amusing and clever, Cybill is appropriately over-the-shoulder, and Eileen Brennan cracks me up talking through the number.

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